Audax est….”bold is”…

audentis Fortuna iuvat – Vergil Aeneid X.284

Audacia, (pronounced: /aw-da-chee-uh/) is the Latin root of audacious, meaning daring, bold, fearless, intrepid, etc. And there are as many ways to define ‘bold’ as there are definers!

Many an opinion continues to spin around Vergil’s text…though one truth that rings is, in this humble opinion, the declaration of Fortune favoring, not necessarily the bold…but those who DARE!

Audacia Enterprises, LLC dares to believe everyone deserves to become the happiest, most productive version of themselves! By inspiring and fostering uniquely audacious leadership, we provide the illumination that allows others to find their way out of the darkness of unfulfilled potential.

Fusing experiential learning styles, neuroscience surrounding human performance and behavior, and 21st Century leadership philosophies we assist in:

  • Creating a collaborative, engaging, and productive cultures;
  • Reducing inefficient communication;
  • Empowering teams of creative leaders;
  • Improving personal work performance and satisfaction;
  • Remodeling workplace environments to thrive, thus, improving bottom line results!

The most important question is…are you ready to discover your BOLD?

(If you answer ‘yes’, take the next leap and signal us to get started together!)