Purveyors of Sparks

Forget perfection…perfection is not a goal. Live instead for curiosity and honor and compassion and courage….and by achieving those, you then will live a life of excellence and fulfill the purpose of your spark! ~ SWM



Meet our Lead Spark

Shannon Myers is the Lead Spark (and Owner/Operator) of Audacia Enterprises, LLC  in Charlottesville, VA. She has invested the past 20+ years cultivating her talents as an experiential educator, leadership trainer, and motivational presenter. Shannon draws experience and wisdom from a broad range of occupations – from rodeo to estate management to  summer camp; those three occupations, in particular,  providing very similar adventures!

In addition to speaking and presenting experiential workshops at leadership conferences, Shannon assists organizations in renovating traditional curricula into more experiential formats, teaches lifesaving skills, and is on a life mission to inspire uniquely audacious leadership as and how opportunities present.  Embracing charisma and hilarity, Shannon strives to live life as a perpetual “spark”; encouraging others to find the courage, boldness, and the daring within to ignite and pursue their passions.